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It is your expertise that allows us to deliver the up-to-date and high-quality analysis our customers expect.

What we offer:

  • Market leader in legal niches
  • Responsive personal working relationship
  • Global reach
  • Sophisticated online solutions

Why write for us


We lead the market in multiple international legal niche areas. We publish works by more than 3,000 leading practitioners and scholars, both in print and online. We further the reputations of our authors, and in return they further ours.


You, the author, will have a dedicated contact person, either a member of our Publishing Team or one of the General Editors of our publications. The role of the contact person is to keep you informed and updated on the status of your publication. Throughout the publishing process, and once your work has been published, we are committed to supporting you proactively and to promptly respond to your queries.

Professional Publishing Experience

Wolters Kluwer is relied upon by practitioners to deliver accurate content they can trust. To do so, we work with professional General Editors and vendors who will provide you with the best possible copyediting and production services.

Editor Peter Chrocziel discusses his publication on International Licensing

Global Reach

We ensure that your content is widely marketed and accessible online. Collaborative arrangements with international resellers, combined with the work of our international marketing and sales department, maximize global exposure.

Visit our website for a full overview of our publications.


How To Become an Author

We always welcome proposals for new publications. We are looking for high-quality English-language content that enables international legal professionals to proceed confidently with the insight, analysis, and solutions our publications offer.

Please submit your book proposal here.

Proposed journal articles may be submitted directly to the General Editor for the relevant journal (PDF).

Wolters Kluwer is the most professional, helpful and supportive of all five publishers I work with, well done!

Vincent Power - Corporate Acquisitions and Mergers, Ireland Chapter

If you have ideas about new tools or are interested in contributing to any of our country reports, blogs or case reporting services, please contact us here.



One of our main goals is that the publication process is a successful and positive experience for both the author and the publisher. To ensure that this process runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible, it is useful for you to know up front what we expect from you as an author, but also of course what you can expect from Wolters Kluwer.

In the Author Guidelines (PDF) you can find all the necessary information on the publication process and how to submit your book manuscript.

The House Style Guide (PDF) details the specifics of Kluwer Law International’s editorial style, regarding punctuation, mechanics and citations.

Guidelines for Specific Publications
You can find specific guidelines for individual journals and looseleafs in the Guidelines for each publication:

During the 3rd Rijeka EU Sports Law Day Seminar Vanja Smokvina successfully presented his book Sports Law in Croatia to an audience of lawyers, attorneys, professors, students, athletes and sports enthusiasts

Sports Law in Croatia - By Vanja Smokvina

Author Tools

In its pursuit of improved services and modernized publishing processes, Wolters Kluwer has partnered with a number of new vendors for the development of advanced tools:

PublishOne will be used to automate and systematize the workflow for books and selected looseleaf updates, allowing for advanced content creation using a Microsoft Word plugin.

DazzlePub will be used for other looseleaf updates, using an online document management system to organize the updating of manuscripts and a downloadable tool to aid the review of proofs.

iCorrectProof will be used as an online proof-viewing and author correction platform for journal contributors, as this tool can be expanded to include additional management tools for general editors.

These tried-and-tested tools all have in common:

  • Speed: a significant reduction in production time, resulting in more immediate availablity to readers;
  • Efficiency: a reduction in the effort required of our authors;
  • Ease of use: an intuitive design, 24/7 accessiblity and user-friendly interface; and
  • Quality: corrections can no longer be missed by copyeditors and compositors.

See below a short video that shows one of our editors who just finished the pilot for one of the tools PublishOne.


We work closely with our authors and their organisations to ensure that all marketing activity has the maximum effect. Our pricing policy follows the market standard and is regularly compared with our competitors’ pricing. Our marketing department actively uses the following channels:

Direct Marketing

  • Email: Personalised and highly targeted campaigns.
  • Direct Mail: catalogues, individual leaflets and subject area campaigns.
  • Our eStore: all publications are included on

Indirect Marketing
We work closely with more than 500 major (local) booksellers, independent booksellers, and online retailers to arrange joint promotions.

Wolters Kluwer attends multiple conferences on an annual basis presenting books, journals, and online products.

Social media
We actively use social media to market our content, including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, allowing us to personally engage with our markets and to increase visibility for your publications.

We publish blogs in the area of Arbitration, Mediation, Competition Law, Tax Law, Patent Law, Copyright, Trademark Law & Regulating for Globalization that help us in reaching out to the legal community in dedicated areas of law. Feel free to contact us on the possibility of contributing as guest blogger or subscribe for free to receive recent posts in your inbox.

Congratulations to Jonathan Lux for winning the 2019 Global Law Experts Award for Mediation Expert of the Year

Jonathan Lux Editor of Maritime Law Handbook

Rights & Permissions

As a publisher we try to keep a fair balance between obtaining the necessary rights for a reasonable exploitation of your work and your needs as an author to be able to use your work in other ways.

The author is responsible for clearing permission and for receiving written approval for reproduction of any copyrighted material.

Our permissions department is always actively looking for possible translation and licensing ventures, and we encourage all our authors to inform us about potential translation opportunities.

Wolters Kluwer

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